Sunday, May 9, 2010

Strength of a Gentle Woman

Dear God,
If I could ask for a Mother's Day gift, can I please ask for strength?
Not the strength of a thousand bulls nor the Herculean might of a Grecian God.
Please give me the strength of a gentle woman:
I pray to have the tiniest voice to hush the booming calls of secret ambitions.
I pray to have the smallest pride to place my husband's and children's before mine.
I pray to have the most inconspicuous bearings, shielded from the long arms of vanity.
And I pray for the lightest feet to dance away the heavy toils that this life may bring... ...

And dear God, while you are considering my request, can you also give me teeny, weeny expectations so that I won't feel disappointed that my husband did not plan any Mother's Day activity for me today?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Little Bubbles of Blessings

I am not usually this quiet.


In a different time and frame of mind, I might have stood among the passionate 3000 to lend my voice and vote to the AWARE old guards at the Exco meeting last Sat.

Just a few weeks ago, I would have a lot more to say and comment about the porky condition that has gripped the world.

And in a more reckless mood, I would have cheered at the rare show of bullish spikes in the stock markets.

While the tumultuous waves of this global system sweep us all in its passionate embrace, drowning some with its stranglehold, I am just grateful for the little bubbles of blessings that come my way.

Little pockets of air that give me just enough to get by till the next ball of air comes along.

It is easy to forget the little things that give real meaning to our lives when there are so many bigger, more powerful agendas out there waiting for us to fight and glorify.

I thank Him for the gift of life and for Fubby's journey to recovery.

Fubby's count was 7.2 this morning.

Monday, March 16, 2009

My first Dolblog...not really. >.<

I'm at a media convergence course organised by my owners, SPH.
After resisting blogging for years, here I am - blogging like a blog junkie.
Kena forced to blog. Bah. -_-"
Here's a pic of the the man who broke my will.---------------->
And that's my comp to the right of the pic. ------------------->

Ignore the link above to that spoilt brat, Lindsey Lowhen. Another 'skill' I kena forced to master.
But while you are in anyway, check out the 'Weird' page. Mindblowing crap.


Lesson: How to upload pics direct to your blog.

Test pic: Guess who? Don't SU!!

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A Class-y Moment

Another test:

How to upload pics from the phone to your blog. -_-"

Interesting… ktksbai!


Sunday, March 15, 2009

The dilemma of a starving Dol

To eat or not to eat… meat. That is my question for the day.

Right now, I am starving. food1

The 2 butter toast I gobbled down absentmindedly, while dangerously applying my mascara in the car, have all but turned into energy used to stay awake in this class.

I need food. food

And my next door neighbour and colleague, forced to embark on this trecherous journey of new knowledge with me, is now keeling over his keyboard, clutching his angry stomach and giving me sad, hungry looks.

I probably look like a giant bowl of laksa to him right now.

We need to eat.